For over 40 years, working across party lines to nominate the best candidates to serve the Village.

We wish to thank all of the candidates that stood for village office in this week's election. The renewed interest of many residents in village affairs provides additional momentum for us to work collaboratively on behalf of our diverse community, with input from residents.

There are many complex issues facing the village and our top priorities are two-fold: Bridge-related issues and improving communication with residents.

The new Tappan Zee bridge is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in this area and, with a projected service life of 100 years, decisions we make now will affect generations to come. For example, the terminus of the proposed Shared Use Path is likely to create a significant impact on parking, traffic congestion, road maintenance, policing, and trash generation. The village-appointed Tappan Zee Task Force has drawn up some provisional ideas and input from residents is keenly sought. The village Feasibility Study will frame possible solutions and will help the village and its residents identify the options that provide the best long-term benefit.

Village communication channels will be improved. We hope to quickly place meeting agendas and minutes on-line, and set a date for the first annual community townhall meeting. The village e-mail list will increasingly be used to share news with residents, and the village web page will be updated regularly.

Village board meetings are open to the public and we encourage residents to attend them and become more engaged with the multi-faceted issues affecting our community.

Alain Leinbach and Andrew Goodwillie